‘Say No To Size Zero’ Petition

This is a petition to ban all size zero models and models with an unhealthy BMI (below 18.5) from the fashion catwalks.

I want to put a stop to the fashion industry using size zero models or models with an unhealthy BMI (under 18.5) on the catwalk, in major advertising campaigns and in fashion in general. Having been told to lose weight myself, I feel that I have a duty to fight for the curvier woman. Fashion designers and clothing brands target young impressionable teenage girls and make them feel uncomfortable about their weight and this can often lead to eating disorders.

I was asked to lose 2 stone in weight which would have made me a bag of bones. I am a healthy size 12 and have no need to lose any weight. I even visited the British Nutrition Institute and was told I am a normal weight for my height and if I had lost the 2 stone I would have been underweight and risking my health. Because of this I know how young girls feel when pressure is put on them to lose weight and I am determined to put a stop to the pressures of this coming from the modelling industry.

This petition is going to be presented to the Prime Minister and Parliament with the help of Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik, to try and have a policy put in place, ensuring that all models are fully health checked before undertaking any modelling assignment, including catwalk modelling. I will also be presenting this petition to various high street stores in the hope of them using 'plus size' models in their advertising and curvier mannequins in their window displays.

Please sign this petition to start making a change that urgently needs to be made.


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